Vintage Baby - The winds of change

I have been selling my HUGE vintage collection in my Etsy shop. Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm THEIRS. I'm talking 60s 70s, 80s, boho, hippie, and even glam. I've got it. I hunt down the best pieces and sell them as they are when they are perfect or re-purposed them into new, fab, one-of-a-kind pieces (which I will be featuring in my new website coming in January 2012). 

The winds of change and the dreams of something new brought my vintage collection to Ebay.

So, without further adieu, I bring to you... my fabulous Ebay Vintage collection!
Nordic Reversible Sheepskin Hooded Coat
Silver Tip Fox Coat
Eye of the tiger Fringe Suede Leather Jacket
Finch Raccoon & Leather Coat lined in Sheepskin
Curly Lamb Chunky Jacket
Hippie loop knit Jacket
Ethnic Navajo Blanket Coat
Western Fringe Leather Suede chaps

Mexican Wool Blankets