In full bloom

Zo Nowak (model)

Stockton Johnson (Photographer)
Andrew Holden (Fashion Editor/Stylist)
Yoichi Tomizawa (Hair Stylist)
Nam Vo (Makeup Artist)
Kelly B (Manicurist)


Wonderland – ‘The Secret Locked In The Roots Of A Kingdom’ 

the ‘Secret Locked in The Roots of A Kingdom’ this portrait was really about further expressing nature’s role as Katie’s guardian,with the branches encircling and outstretched towards her, and the precious coat  – a gift from the flowers to protect Katie during her final days in Wonderland.. 

Fashion artistry, opulent enough for Marie Antoinette herself.

Couture comes to life in all its grandeur. Luigi + Iango shoot and Wilson styles pulling from the best of Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana‘s couture collections.