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It's time the face received some long-awaited attention in the fashion accessory world.

Marie Antoinette


I love the sexy caged Marie Antoinette dress, so girly, from head to toe, the shoes seemed to be made of French brocade fabric.

Copyright RYDER make-up labs LLC 
Photographer: James Ryder
Creative Director: Aly Ryder
Designer: Wonderland Corsets
Model, Mua & Hair: the soon as I get their names I will credit

Wonderland in the South of France

I can just die here.
Deep in southwest France, Bordeaux to be precise, lies a sleepy little town called Les Pres d’Eugenie (named for Empress Eugenie de Montijo, the wife of Napoleon III) where one of France’s most celebrated chefs, Michel Guerard  decided back in the 1970′s that he and his wife would buy some property and an existing chateau, and create the perfect south of France experience.
The summer air drifts in bits of rosemary, thyme, rosebushes and lavender, all abundant in the various outhouses and gardens.
Written by Michele Llanos
To see more of the gardens and the house go here

Behind the scenes Day 4 - Fly Birdy Fly

Uncaged: Artemis spreads her wings and brings out her wild side in my fabulous feathered top! We love how the make-up and hair team went all out with the beautiful bird theme - gold leaf eyes and lips? Genius!

Photographer: James Ryder
Model: Artemis
Hair: Adelina Hajdini
Creative Director: Aly Ryder
Designer: Tatiana Andrade

Behind the scenes day 3 - Fantasy

Copyright RYDER make-up labs LLC
Photographer: James Ryder
Model: Risa
Mua & Hair Adelina Hajdini
Creative Director: Aly Ryder
Designer: Tatiana Andrade 

It's a cotton candy fantasy! Fun fluffy feathers and tulle, perfectly posh pearls - we could just eat this look up! Watch out Katy Perry, there's a new bubblegum pop fashionista in town.

Blue Bird Perched on an antique feather hat, made of antique millinery from the 1920s, the bird is from the 1940's.
The Bustier in hand made from over 3,000 vintage pearls and the crinoline under the tulle skirt are both from the 1950's.

The ultimate bride

Copyright RYDER make-up labs LLC
Photographer: James Ryder
Model: Sarah Roberts,  Twigglet.
MUA ¶ Hair: Brianna Knapp
Creative Director: Aly Ryder
Wedding Dress: by TatiTati Vintage

Behind the scenes Day 3 - Here comes the bride

Love this Vintage, 1970's, Victorian wedding dress, featured on model, Sarah Roberts. An abundance of ruffles gracing a huge train makes a bride feel like a princess. The sailboat I found turned into the ultimate head piece, that Ryder Makeup artist Brianna Knapp incorporated into her hair do. It looked out of this world.
This dress is in my shop now, ready to be snatched by a lucky bride.

Pretty as a Peacock, Beautiful as a Butterfly

I love the way Artemis interprets the romantic yet edgy character of my dress. If bright, bold colors characterize one half of my style, this whimsical, lacy design shows off my other side! One of my favorite parts of this piece is the butterfly accent I fashioned out of peacock feathers and Swarovski crystals. The perfect opportunity to rock a slick purple pout.
Copyright RYDER make-up labs LLC
Photographer: James Ryder
Model: Artemis
MUA and Hair: Adelina Hajdini Steffens
Creative Director: Aly Ryder
Designer: Tatiana Andrade

Electric Blue Under the Big Top


Collaboration with Ryder Make-Up Labs. As soon as Brianna walked in front of the camera, she brought my design to life!  My electric blue and neon yellow jumpsuit speaks to my love of asymmetry and the avant-garde. I paired it with vintage diamond waterfall earrings from the 80s and metallic Jeffrey Campbell platforms.  We love the sleek high ponytail and luscious lashes. Striking daring poses, she put on a wild show worthy of the circus ring spotlight. Look out for Brianna sporting more of our favorite looks in the future!

copyright RYDER make-up labs LLC
Photographer: James Ryder
Model: Brianna Kellum
MUA and Hair: Joy Beth Ryan
Creative Director: Aly Ryder
Designer: Tatiana Andrade

Behind the scenes day 2

Artemis was such a hoot to work with, she effortlessly made my dresses look fab! Here are some behind the scenes shots with make-up  artist Adelina Hajdini, later I will show some of the casual pics my assistant took. I can't wait to see the real images from James Ryder.

Artemis having fun behind the scenes

Negative Illusion

I love the way it looks after fooling around with this image

Brianna in stitches

Behind the scenes - 1st day Photo shoot

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Ryder Makeup Labs.  They help some of the best make up artists from all over the country create flawless editorial quality make-up for the Fashion and Film industries. Over the next few days and weeks I will be posting behind the scenes shots from the make-up & hair to the photography.  I especially want to thank them for letting me shoot freely behind the scenes as well as filming it.
Thank you also to beautiful Brianna Kellum, Artemis and Risa for bringing my designs to life.

all at work on make up and hair
Getting Brianna ready for the shoot is not that complicated

in front of James Ryder's lense
Model Lisa is wearing the Fringe One Sleeve top Avantgard Skirt and Brianna the cascade bell bottom jumpsuit

The Terrible Two

Darkness comes in duos in Giorgio Armani's Fall 2012 Collection.

Anne Hathaway Takes our Breath Away!

We LOVE Anne Hathaway in this daringly dark fashion shoot - who else looks this good in mourning?

A Life of Luxe

There's nothing more luxurious than a well-ruffled behind!

Closet Envy

Fill your wardrobe with dazzling glitter and forever avoid Mignon McLaughlin's heedful observation: "Women usually love what they buy, yet hate two-thirds of what is in their closets".