Delicious Details

Ted Sabarese   photographed these delicious eatable hi- fashion dresses. Designers Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault of Project Runway were involved and each garment that took hours to cook, create and assemble. 

                    YOU'LL NEVER GO HUNGRY

Artist and designer Nancy Wu Made of 100% beef jerky, this take on the classic Chanel bag was created by hand-sewing sheets of  air-dried meat to simulate a crocodile bag. Do you think Coco would approve of it?

German bakery group Lambertz Have we died and gone to chocolate heaven? Made of 100% solid chocolate, this edible bustier bubble dress was carefully worn by German model Alena Gerber for an annual show in Munich in January 2010.

American fashion designer Jeremy Scottfall 2006 collection playfully paired a spaghetti dress with — what else? — a meatball necklace.