In memory of my friend Julia

This posting I dedicate to my good friend Julia who suddenly passed in her sleep.  She was too young to go and it was so unexpected, we never had a chance to say goodbye.

As we all, friends and family mourned this painful loss we wish and realize that we could of been more giving to her – as she was with us.
I feel lucky and grateful that I started to spend more time with her, but it is bitter sweet to be the last person to see her alive the previous day besides her husband.

She was my neighbor and she was my friend, always visiting each other, most of her time spent with me going to my shopping adventures. When she moved to her new place, just few months ago, she gave us lots of flowers and plants from her garden.  We planted them all over our garden, but there is this particular vine that we planted by our front fence. The day I found out about her death, I looked out my window, which overlooks my fence and I saw this long stem with white flowers on the top that I knew I did not plant, that’s where the vine was suppose to be. Unknowingly the vine must of have had a bulb in there that turned out to be this beautiful single creamy white Gladiola. It had just bloomed that day however the vine never flourished.

I knew then that she is with the angels in heaven.
I miss you Julia, and I am grateful that you were in my life.

The beautiful gladiola that bloom trough the fence facing the street where Julia always walked her dog.
this dog in a bike is one of the cutest things she gave me for my garden.

 One of our gatherings parties, just hanging out having fun
Good bye Julia, I'll never forget you.