Enchanting garden

Last weekend we attended the birthday party of my friend Lorraine, her enchanting garden was like a mini retreat, complete with water falling into a lush green pond filled with coy fish evoking a feeling of tranquility.

This amazing piece, which looks like an ancient urn, was one of the features of the pond.

An abundance of gorgeous grape vines cover an aviary with finches quail and other little birds, which I sadly neglected to take pictures of.

   The Aviary was hard to see but it was there. 

The birthday girl, looking chic in her vintage scarf lime print dress and huge hoop earrings

 We hung out with an old friend of mine, Richard, who I haven't seen in 10 years, and we met her sister Maria, the crazy girl–that was great.

The party goers were just enjoying the wine and yummies that we all brought to the party

What an small world, he is another friend just coming in as we were leaving

                                                         Here I am with the birthday girl 

                                                I hope you had a fantastic B-Day girl